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Bruun Studios accepted and displayed a poem of mine at Area 405 in Baltimore as part of the “One Thousand Love Letters” Project. I presented this poem at the event “Honeysuckle Words” at Area 405 on January 20, 2019.

Adelaide Literary Magazine published five of my poems in its October 2018 issue!

Also, check out a few of my poems and short fiction on WriteSpike at https://www.writespike.com/discover/


“The book has an excellent, engaging plot that keeps you wondering what is going to happen next. The characters are lovable and often leave you breathless with laughter, and their development throughout the book is great. There are moments though where characters have a complete, unexplained change that is unexpected. Despite it’s shorter length, the book is not without surprising twists and turns, making you second guess if you really know what’s going to happen next. All together, an excellent read! Some of words that are used are a bit more sophisticated, sometimes obscuring the plot, but they provide a wonderful chance to learn new vocabulary!” –rhughes96

“Engaging and Wonderful”

“This is an indie-published young adult novel about two high school-age mermaids from Atlantis finding themselves having to live on land after a hurricane transports them to the shores of Maryland. The first person they meet helps get them enrolled in a Maryland boarding school, where they soon learn that the students are as unique as they are. This story will probably appeal most to younger readers, like ages 11-12.” Julie Manthey

Three Stars on Goodreads